Thursday, December 10, 2009


Climate Denial Industry? Part 2

Here is what AGW apologist/reporter George Monbiot wrote recently about the existence of a Climate Denial Industry.

I discussed this below and promised to return to it. Monbiot provided four examples of the Industry which "has no interest in establishing the truth about global warming":

  1. The Information Counsel for the Enviornment (ICE) waged a $510,000 PR campaign, targeted primarily at U.S. Representatives, which urged skepticism and asked questions like "how much are you willing to pay to solve a problem that may not exist?" Not exactly a juggernaut of disinformation in my book.
  2. The Intermountain Rural Electric Association (IREA) put at least $100,000 into the hands of Cato Institute author Patrick Michaels' group, New Hope Environmental Services, Inc., and Professor Michaels doesn't trumpet that payment sufficiently for Mr. Monbiot.
  3. The Heartland Institute, which has received $676,000 from ExxonMobile (over an unknown period of time) for all of the Heartland Institute's activities as a pro-business political think tank, put out a list of 500 scientists whom it claimed had performed research which cast doubt on an alarmist view of AGW. Mr. Monbiot says that at least 45 of these guys and girls are true believer Warmies and several have asked for their names to be removed from the list and they haven't. I have to point out that the Heartland institute said the research contradicted AGW scare tactics, not that the authoring scientists were skeptics. At this point I was still waiting for evidence that these individuals and think tanks had "no interest in establishing the truth about global warming." All I was hearing was that these people and organizations had a different opinion from Mr. Monbiot. Not quite the same.
  4. The Competitive Enterprise Institute, which received $2,000,000 from Exxon (I guess before the merger with Mobile) again over an unknown period of time, had members or perhaps unrelated individuals who asked that IPCC head Bob Watson be sacked from his post and be replaced with Harlan Watson.The White House did sack Bob and appointed Harlan, who, according to Mr. Monbiot, "went on to wreak havoc at international climate meetings."

OK. That's the extent of the examples. Wow, what a well financed, secretive, no doubt illegal, conspiracy of purveyors of falsehood! (Sarcasm alert). The low estimate for the government money flowing to the Warmie true believers is in excess of $30 Billion just here in America. Al Gore's Warmie propaganda gets played in thousands of theaters and awarded Oscars despite at least a dozen falsehoods while the counterbalancing "Not Evil Just Wrong" has to resort to a viral campaign for showing the film in a few living rooms here and there.

Mr. Monbiot says his four examples strike a blow to the Denial Industry much worse than the release of the East Anglia/Hadley CRU documents. Well, perhaps in his eyes...

The last on this series will be the other sides' version of what Monbiot says is so horrible of them. (I'll remind Brit Monbiot that, here in America, our right to form groups and petition our government for redress of grievances are God-given rights recognized by our First Amendment and his rather pitiful examples are not evidence of an illegal conspiracy to misinform, not by a long shot).


Huge time distance from when you first posted this to today, but I ran across your "how much are you willing to pay to solve a problem that may not exist?" quote while digging into the material I have in my blog post today. Thought you might be interested in it - when it comes to that old ICE campaign supposedly being evidence to indict skeptic climate scientists, there is not just a few holes in that notion, not one bit of the accusation that 'skeptic climate scientists are paid industry shills' lines up right.

See: "The illusion has become real."
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