Saturday, November 14, 2009


Unmitigated Disaster

The Obama Administration's decision, announced yesterday by Attorney General Eric Holder, to import captured foreign nationals into New York city for criminal trials for so called war crimes is as stupid as it is pointless. Andy McCarthy is the expert here and he's against it, as is former Attorney General Michael Mukasey, the judge at one of the only truly successful trial of murderous Islamic terrorists at which McCarthy was the prosecutor.

Here is the biggest of a long list of problems with it--discovery. The defense gets to get things the government has and which it wishes to keep secret, if there is the outside chance that it might help the defense, like how they captured Kalid Sheik Mohammed, or who the operative was who tipped off authorities before the capture. The list of bad things we have to turn over to the terrorists is nearly endless.

This is the single stupidest thing the Obama Administration has done and the individuals in this administration have done some doozies.

I have been opposed to criminal trials regarding war related incidents for a long time.


2nd Anon. from below says: this Mark Steyn article mentions Gen. Casey (and diversity, Hasan, etc.), so I thought I'd pass it along.

No one does it quite like Steyn...
I read Mark Steyn all the time, even his short pieces in the Corner at NRO. His judgment here is spot on.
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