Tuesday, November 17, 2009


More Arguments Against Federal Criminal Trials fo Islamic Terrorists

Another fact that would lead a rational man to prefer military tribunals for al Qaeda members, all illegal combatants, captured while waging war against us, is traitorous defense attorneys. Like Lynn Stewart, whose conviction for taking notes from the convicted blind sheik bomber of the Twin Towers, her client, and passing them on to other al Qaeda types was upheld today and her bail revoked. Oh, and the sentencing court was directed to review its absurdly light sentence for seditious Stewart, just 23 months, with an eye to give her more time.

The chance of traitorous defense counsel at a military tribunal is much smaller--so small in fact as to be inconsequential.

I would have included a photo of Stewart but I don't want to shock the sensibilities of my few but faithful readers so I'll just describe her--she's ugly as a plate of worms.


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