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All Saints Day, today, is a cross quarter day, one of four, and perhaps the most important and most celebrated, or the eve of today, Halloween, is the most celebrated, at least here in America. Some could argue that tomorrow, All Souls Day/Day of the Dead, is much more celebrated than All Saints Day. I pray for all those whose venial sins were not forgiven before their deaths. Good luck to their souls.

We only had two trick or treaters last night, but they were well turned out.

Lots of Brits look back fondly on their four hundred years of Roman occupation (the British provinces were looked down on by most Romans--cold, wet and backward, nearly barbarian, or so I've read).

I carved a pumpkin (above), but broke off part of the left eye. Looked OK though.


"nearly barbarian" - this from a "civilization" that erected amphitheaters so people could watch mass butchery, that routinely assasinated its leaders, and that devised nailing people to wood until they slowly suffocated to death? come now...!!

nice photos! thanks!
So just think how bad the pre-Roman British were.
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