Monday, October 12, 2009


Roger 0, Elk 4

It has been four years since I saw a live elk on a mountainside in Colorado, while I had a rifle in my hand. I'm forgetting what they look like. We went to our scouted spot, got the van stuck in snow and almost over a cliff when brother in law Gary was towing me out, and it was remarkably elk free. There was no sign of anything recent in the snow and we had no idea where they went. The days were absolutely silent. Our elk hunting guru, the stock boy at the local grocery store, had no idea where to go and all the hunters we talked to were baffled, frustrated and ready to go home. So we did.

I listened to the Bronco victory on the radio, as soon as I got to Poncha Springs. That was fun, but staying up late to see the Rockies lose was not as much fun.


The elk are on to you buddy, you and your murderous ways.
Although we don't feed them in the Winter, like Wyoming does, we have too many of them here in Colorado and we hunters need to shoot them in the Fall so that they don't suffer a horrible death in the Winter. It's never murder to kill animals.
I think your epic failure shows that maybe we dont have "too many" elk couldn't find any.

Really, I just dont want to eat any more elk stew...ever.
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