Friday, October 09, 2009


President Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize

I'll first say congratulations but then I'll have to ask for what? He joins a long list of questionable choices including:

Le Duc Tho (for signing a peace treaty his country never intended to honor and which it broke within 2 years)

Mikhail Gorbachev (for allowing the Soviet Union to fall on the ash heap of history without nuking nations at random)

The UN (God knows why)

Truth challenged Rigoberta Menchu Tum (for a rousing good yarn of an autobiography)

Kofi Annan (for presiding over the complete corruption of the useless UN)

UN Peace-Keeping Forces (for stopping the genocides in the former Yugoslavia, Rwanda, the Congo and the Sudan and protecting the children everywhere from sexual assault. No wait...)

Yassar Arafat (for refusing to make peace with Israel and found a Palestinian state)

Al Gore and the IPCC (for spreading the lie that anthropogenic CO2 effects global temperature in any measurable way)

International Atomic Energy Agency (for failing to stop a single technologically advanced country that wanted to get nuclear weapons from getting them)

Jimmy Carter (for his continual criticism of George Bush)

Heady company indeed.

This is the last for a while, I'm off to hunt giant deer and then see The Jersey Boys in NYC. Bit of a cultural whiplash there.


First off, why you such a hater? Secondly, know how I know you're gay? You are going to NYC to see Jersey Boys.
Thirdly, way to visit NY once I see Jersey Boys no less...ouch
A perk of marrying a land man, so to speak. Know how I know you're gay? Cause you want to see the Jersey Boys too. That and you sleep with Katie (in a friendly and chaste way no doubt). I'll try to see Andrew at least for a while. Thanks for the comment.
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