Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Photos From the New York Trip

Our friends from near New Orleans and Kit on the Circle Line boat on the Hudson and up the East River to about Sutton Place.

The Statue of Liberty up close. Son Andrew and I went up in the crown a few years ago (which requires a lot of work early in the morning and a slow long climb up the stairs in the center of the statue). Still almost worth it, if only for the view.

Here are two out of focus, moving photos of the skyline which I will pretend are arty. Something like arty.

This is actually an OK photo of south end of Manhattan. I miss the Twin Towers, even though they were ugly compared to the Empire State or Chrysler Buildings. And I think the plans for redevelopment are a sham and a shame. I like Johan Goldberg's idea--build back the towers just as they were, but one story higher,for the anti-aircraft guns. No one in New York City listens to us conservatives.


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