Thursday, October 08, 2009


Nuke the Moon

This is not a posting on the IMAO humor site's ubiquitous motto, but a real story. Tomorrow, we bomb the moon. Some people in the media, who have watched a little too much Star Trek, worry that we'll start a conflict with non-existent lunar denizens.

Given President Obama's apparent preparedness to surrender in Afghanistan, the real central front, the good war, the necessary war, according to Candidate Obama, the smart money, if a conflict erupts, is on the moon.


Maybe after the conflict with the moon people dies down and we reestablish diplomatic relations we can send someone like Sen. Boxer or someone of her ilk to serve as ambassador to the moon.
The Grand Lunar just sent me a message through the fillings in my teeth and boy is he pissed.

I was incommunicado this weekend--did we even find water?
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