Monday, October 26, 2009


Death Sprial of Anthropogenic Global Warming

I have already tried to show, in an easy to see description, how little anthropogenic CO2 was diffuse in our atmosphere. I had picked between 5% to 26% as the amount of man made CO2 while the overwhelming bulk was naturally occurring (and lately growing in response to the Medieval Warm Period). Here is a recent peer-reviewed paper which uses 5% anthropogenic and 95% natural as the Truth. So AGW is having too little effect to be a culprit and the warming in the 80s and 90s appears to have been perfectly natural and not at all scary. Here is the breakdown of the atmosphere as if it were 100,000 beachballs filling up half a bowl like football stadium:

78,080 of them are nitrogen, not a greenhouse gas
20,850 of them are oxygen, not a greenhouse gas
930 of them are argon, not a greenhouse gas
38 of them are CO2, a greenhouse gas
2 of them represent all the rest of the trace gasses in the atmosphere, some of which are greenhouse gasses.

So 2 of the 100,000 beachballs are anthropogenic CO2, an insignificant number.

Here is a graph of the anti-logarithmic slope of CO2. There is the slope which the Warmie models have chosen and then there is the slope which actual observation has drawn. So, again, even if the CO2 doubles from the the agreed pre-industrial 280 ppm, the amount of possible warming is less than 2 degrees Celsius (assuming there is not a separate positive feedback system--and it appears that there is not, indeed, probably a negative one exists). So we will reap the rewards for increased plant production from higher CO2 in the atmosphere and only pay the negligible price of gentle, slight warming. Hardly the stuff of crisis. Certainly not the stuff to cause economic suicide.

Two more nails in the AGW coffin. The metaphoric air inside will soon begin to grow stale and close. You can see the Warmies sense that and begin to panic and strike out ever more harshly.


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