Friday, September 25, 2009


Thought of the Day

A few nations walked out during Ahmadinejad’s rant, but most delegates stayed glued to their seats. Russia and China — the former recently appeased by the missile deal, the latter recently rebuffed with the tire tariff — are flush with cash and enjoy the notion that Iran bothers us more than it does them; they have not yet been hope-and-changed into helping Obama with his grand vision on the grounds that he is not Bush. Some look at our president and see a messiah; these two see a rookie in charge of a now-bankrupt country with $2-trillion-a-year deficits that is unsure what to do in two wars and in dire need of both imported oil and trillions in cash.

Victor Davis Hanson


I always wonder what you see in people that simply lie to make a point. Let me count the ways. d

1. "A few nations walked out during Ahmadinejad’s rant, but most delegates stayed glued to their seats." In fact the chamber was half full at best.

2. "Russia and China...both flush with cash." China yes, Russia, although running a surplus recently is still in debt. That debt is set to increase again with the drop in oil and gas prices and decreased tax revenues due to the economy.

3. "a now-bankrupt country with $2-trillion-a-year deficits" Ok, first of all, NOW is really a lie, but it is leading. It indicates that we weren't before. So does he mean that when public debt was 66% of GDP we weren't bankrupt, but at 69% we are? Or does he mean NOW as in the last 30 years? Let me know. But $2 Trillion a year is just bald -face lying and I think you know that. Also, to say $2-trillion-a-year deficits, plural, this is also a lie (even if the singular was true, which it is not). Where is the second $2 trillion dollar a year deficit (or the first for that matter)? Trade? Please explain.

that is a lot of lies for one paragraph.

Also, the last sentence strikes me as funny as our last president was also unsure what to do in two wars (at least to the same extent) and was also in need of, trillions in cash (5 to be exact) and yet was putting pressure on Russia and China to establish greater democracy.

Talk about a rookie.
Mike, why are you so eager to call what is clearly a disagreement about facts a lie, a knowing misrepresentation? It is not an endearing habit.
I seem to remember the count on the nations that walked out as under 20. That's not half. Not attending is not walking out.
I though you believed that our real debts outweighed our income if not our assets. Is my memory mistaken? There is no 2010 budget, just the never ending continuing resolutions. (That is a major failing of the 70 plus votes in the majority Democrats) but when we actually get one, the deficit will almost certainly be two trillion or close enough for government work. Is it your position that things will be better the next fiscal year? Based on what?
There are a lot of things to criticize about Bush's actions as president, but the conduct of the Afghanistan war (for most of it) and the recent ending of Gulf War 1 are not in that list. Also, are you really defending Obama by saying Bush was bad too. Talk about faint praise.
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