Thursday, September 17, 2009


Thought of the Day

Biting-fingers-off angry. They’re screeching about how all the people opposed to Obama are racists and neo-Nazis and stupid, and they’re using sexual slurs against protesters and boycotting everyone who disagrees with them. They’re still nuts, but why?

See things from their point of view. The most fundamental principle liberals have is that they are all very, very smart, and everyone should listen to them. Nothing angers them more than something that challenges them to reexamine that core tenet. And that’s why they were so delighted by the election of President Obama and further wins in the House and Senate. For a moment they thought the American people had recognized liberals as their superiors and said to them: “Please! Smart people! Lead us and tell us what to do!”

Of course, it is quite obvious right now that that’s not at all what the election was about. The Republicans had been screw-ups for a while, and with the failing economy (people tend to vote for the president based on the economy, which is only a tad smarter than voting based on the weather, but whatcha gonna do?), most people just felt they couldn’t reward the Republicans with leadership again. Also, many people were tired of the hostility between conservatives and liberals (though I’m not sure why Republicans got the blame, since we could have had bipartisanship if at any time liberals had decided to stop being a bunch of screeching ninnies who mindlessly opposed whatever Bush was for). Then came along Barack Obama, who promised non-specific hope and change, and everyone was like, “Non-specific hope and change sounds like a great idea!”

Frank Fleming


Here is the way I see it. William Jefferson is nabbed w/ cash in his freezer. As George Washington Plunkitt wrote, "There honest garft and dishonest graft."

Meanwhile, the GOP is the party of the Christian right and has the perception of being the party of the moral high ground, notwithstanding the peccadillo of the former governor of NY, a Democrat.

One distinguished senator form LA dallied w/ prostitutes; one distinguished senator from Nevada has an affair w/ a staffer after which a buy off was attempted; "Hiking the Appalachian Trail" is now a euphemism for jetting off to Buenos Aires on taxpayer's time and dime to see one's mistress as the Republican governor of SC did.

Somehow we expect the Democrats to be fallible while the GOP loses cred w/ every faux pas.

We are governed by fallible men and women. Some cheat on their wives, some cheat on their taxes, some commit real crimes and are convicted. Are you of the mind that the Democrats are 'better' because they don't claim to have any morals while the Republicans urge us to be moral but often fail to do so? Is that really how you see it?
No. The way I see it is that many GOP politicians claim the moral high ground, which, the last time I checked, was not in Buenos Aires.

I'm sorry, T, I don't mean to be dense here, but what is "claim the moral high ground"? Is it urging others to try to lead moral lives, that is, not cheat on spouses, not cheat on taxes, not commit real crimes? Or is it saying we Republicans lead more moral lives than Democrats? If the latter, tell me two or three Republican leaders who have said that and when and where. If you have the time and desire, that is.
I don't know why I'm engaging this, but are you being deliberately dense? Of course the Republican party is the one claiming moral superiority. You guys pretty much have a monopoly on Bible-thumping.

The argument isn't that the Democrats are better because we don't claim to be moral. The argument is that some Republicans are being shown to be hypocrites. That's all.
Thanks, Adam, for jumping in, but it's not merely my knuckle dragging Republican intellect that causes me to ask those questions. If Republican bible-thumpers are merely urging others to be moral but, like all humans, falling short of the ideal, that's not hypocrisy. It would only be hypocrisy if the Republicans claimed actually to be more moral. It's not that subtle a distinction. If you know of Republicans who claim to be more moral than Democrats, name them and give me enough info so I can read it for myself on the web. Not so taxing a request for something you imply that everybody knows.
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