Thursday, September 17, 2009


Report on Arctic Ice (and the Broader Fight Between Warmies and Deniers)

It appears that the Northern Ocean's sea ice has ceased net melting, and that the Arctic ice cap is now getting larger, which growth should continue for the next 6 months of Autumn and Winter. The minimum reached this year was 5,249,884 square Km, which is about 440,000 square Km above last year's minimum and nearly a million square Km, 23%, above '07's somewhat alarming minimum. It is still below the 'average' 1979 to 2000, but it is risky to base an average on so short a time period of measurement, much less a trend. Even with that caveat in mind, it looks like a continued Arctic sea ice minimum recovery in the face of continued increased atmospheric CO2 levels. Pretty good news, I would think.

The press continues to lie, or, at least, to be very mistaken about things in a way which supports the Warmie theory. Most recently, news accounts told us about a so-called unprecedented use of the Northwest (sic) Passage, namely, that European container ships were, for the first time ever, using the ice free Northern Ocean to ship goods from the East to Europe along an ice free Siberian coast. In reality, the ships were ice hardened speciality heavy lift and carry ones, accompanied by two Russian nuclear ice breakers. The two ships were always carrying large components of a power plant from South Korea to Novy Port on the Ob estuary in Siberia, on the coast of the Kara Sea, which sea currently is about 98,000 square Km below the 'normal' of 1979 to 2000. The reality is a little less sensational and, accordingly, less supportive of the Warmie AGW fraud. What are the odds?

The Warmie scientists continue to fudge the numbers. Most recently, they have abandoned the Argo system in their measurement of sea temperature. The Argo system is newly deployed, state of the art, and able to record the ocean temperature from all over and from surface to 700 m deep. Who wouldn't want not to use that expensive resource? As a result of relying on only air and sea surface temperature measurements, the fixed result is warmer than what almost certainly is the truth. And why are they fudging the numbers?

Because they are losing the arguments based on the true facts.

Here is a chart which includes the work of two scientists--one Warmie, one Denier--showing the slight cooling of the ocean as detected by the Argo system since deployment. The up lines were Warmie projections using their computer models. Hmmm.

Meanwhile the sea ice around Antarctica is about 500,000 square Km above the 1979-2000 'average' and it will maintain that level, or perhaps even higher, for about another 6 to 8 weeks. It's really cold in and around Antarctica.

So it's not, perhaps, global warming.


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