Monday, September 14, 2009


The Malthusian Nemesis

Not a rejected title of a thriller by Robert Ludlum, but a real person, Norman Borlaug, who died this weekend at 95. Borlaug is responsible for the real green revolution in agriculture starting in the 60s which resulted in huge crop yields, especially rice. Dr. Borlaug may have saved a billion people from starving to death.

If you ever wondered why the pessimistic futures foreseen by the likes of Stanford Professor Paul Ehrlich and current Obama advisor John Holdren never came close to coming true, look no further than Norman Borlaug. That he and Al Gore share the same prize shows you how far the prize has fallen from grace.

RIP, you good and faithful servant.

UPDATE: Borlaug was an AGW Denier. Could this guy get any better?


Borlaug was a superb scientist. He rightly won the Nobel Prize because of his application of sound scientific principles and techniques to solve a world-wide problem.

He was a product of the Iowa and Minnesota education systems, for which we claim him to be one of our own.

Al Gore won the prize for a really fancy slide show.

Thanks for the news. I missed it. Norman Borlaug was indeed a truly great man who deserved and deserves more credit than more credit than he received and receives.

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