Saturday, September 05, 2009


Doubling Down on Stupid

The Obama Administration has stopped much of the aid we supplied to Honduras, a rather poor country, as a sanction for its government's following its Constitution in order to preserve democracy and liberty from a would be dictator. This follows up on our clamping down on visas for travel between our countries.

This course of actions is instructive in three ways; it shows us that:

  1. The Obama Administration often jumps to mistaken conclusions and here mistook the essential nature of the lawful deposing of President Zelaya.
  2. The Obama Administration usually sides with its Comrades, here South and Central American lefties, including despots Hugo Chavez and the Castro Brothers.
  3. The Obama Administration shows a near complete inability to learn from its mistakes and correct its course.
Sad, really sad.

UPDATE: The Obama Administration, in prolonging the crisis atmosphere where virtually everyone else is moving on and/or towards normalization, is likely to be biggest loser here, stuck on the wrong side of history, stuck on stupid,


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