Saturday, September 19, 2009


Chris Matthews and the Democratic Amnesia

Here's little watched Chris Matthews talking about the terrible, horrible, no good era of Presidential disrespect we now inhabit. (He also blamed Communist Lee Harvey Oswald's decision to kill Kennedy and Democrat Dan White's decision to kill Mayor Moscone and Harvey Milk on right wing hatred):
You can go to a rally and hold up a sign talking about the man in the White House being some kind of animal, that he’s a Hitler guy, the fact that somebody would know they can get away with carrying a sign like that without being shunned, pushed aside, even beaten up, tells me there’s a license out there. … You wouldn’t hold up a sign like that a few months ago.
Really, no animal or Hitler comparison to the President in the past? All those guys were shamed, shunned or beaten up? Let's show Matthews a little bit of planet Earth, shall we:


That's probably the definitive compilation of anti-Bush imagery. But I quibble with your choice of the word "amnesia". Unless they're blaming Bush for Obama's missteps, they believe history began on 1/20/09.
So it seems sometimes--and I'm really beginning to get annoyed with Chris Matthews (whose wife was in my frehsman dorm). And thanks for the link. I'll return the favor.
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