Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Report on the American War Dead in Afghanistan and Iraq

According to Department of Defense releases for the month of July: Things continue to wind down in Iraq, a month after our withdrawal from Iraqi cities. We again had fewer war deaths than last month (in which we had 14 war dead), and only suffered 8 deaths there (of which only 5 were from combat). In Afghanistan, it looks like we're fighting a real war, as there were nearly twice the battle deaths this month as in June.

Here is further breakdown. In Iraq, none were killed by IEDs (amazing), one died from small arms; three died from non combat causes, and one died in combat operations in al Anbar province. Three were killed in one attack with indirect fire.

In Afghanistan, fourteen died from IEDs (the same as in June), three from non-combat causes, nine died from small arms, fourteen in combat operations, and three were killed in accidents. The total in Afghanistan was 43, about two times the number from last month, and all but six were combat related. The total during July for the wars being waged against us is 51, approaching two a day.

It was another deadly month for officers. These dead were: Chief Warrant Officer Rodney Jarvis, 34, of Akron, Ohio, dead from a non combat cause in Iraq; Capt. Mark Garner, 30, of Elkin, NC, killed by an IED in Afghanistan; 2nd Lt. Derwin Williams, 41, of Glenwood, Ill., killed by an IED in Afghanistan; Capt. Thomas Gramith, 27, of Egan, MN and Capt. Mark McDowell, 26, of Colorado Springs, CO, killed in a crash of an F-15E, and Chief Warrant Officer Douglas Vose, III, 38, of Concrete, WA, killed by small arms fire in Afghanistan.

Our thoughts and prayers go to the families and loved ones of these fallen warriors, and all our hopes for their continued success goes to our men and women, mainly men, fighting overseas.


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