Sunday, August 30, 2009


Music to My Ears--Horrible Noise to the Warmies

It's good to read someone, who thinks like you, making sense. Like here, talking about what a boondoggle most of the new "green" energy economy actually is.

Money quotes:

There has been much press and advertising lately about "green jobs" being, or about to be, created by construction of wind farms and other renewable energy sources. President Barack Obama, in fact, has used Spain as a model for pursuing sustainable energy projects.

But for every four green jobs created in Spain, less than one was made permanent, according to a study released by Spain's Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in March 2009. Spain's experience also shows for every permanent green job created, nine permanent jobs were destroyed. Creating green jobs, then, is touted as a "Bridge to the Future," but it looks like a "Bridge to Nowhere."


Groups like the NRCM claim, "Wind power emits no mercury, no air pollution, no carbon dioxide, no need to mine coal, and alleviate the demand for natural gas!" But the experiences of countries that have actually invested heavily in wind power like Spain, Germany, and Denmark prove the opposite.

The National Post has reported, "Denmark, the most wind intensive country with 6000 turbines generating 19% of electricity from wind power, they have not been able to close one fossil fuel plant and to their dismay, 50% more electricity was needed to cover wind's unpredictability, and CO2 emissions rose 36%."

"Niels Gram of the Danish Federation of Industries says, "windmills are a mistake and economically make no sense." Aase Madsen, the Chair of Energy Policy in the Danish Parliament, calls it "a terribly expensive disaster."


So, if wind power does not decrease the use of coal or gas, does not decrease CO2 emissions, does not produce permanent job gains, and in fact destroys jobs, increases electricity costs, and increases CO2 production, what does it do?

One begins to wonder if cap and trade is the equivalent of economic self-mutilation.



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