Friday, August 14, 2009


Mr. President, I'm Beginning to Smell a Big Fat Commie Rat

There are four main sources for measurement of the mean global temperature--HadCRU3, GISS, RSS, and UAH. The first two of these 4 acronyms are reliant on ground measurement and the last two use only satellite microwaves measurement. I have always believed the satellite record, which, unfortunately only goes back to 1979, and been really suspicious of GISS (which is Warmie central) and been neutral to slightly suspicious of the HadCRU3. Now I have reason to be really suspicious of HadCRU3, because the so-called research branch of that outfit, the Hadley Climate Research Unit aka the CRU, has recently admitted that it either destroyed or lost all of the raw temperature measurement data it "processes" to result in global mean temperature numbers. See paragraph 4 of the undated release in the link.

Steve McIntyre, who was instrumental in showing the Mann "hockey stick" was junk science, had for years asked CRU for its raw data in order to reproduce its processed results. The thing is Mr. McIntyre did not really doubt that processing the raw data would have reproduced the CRU results. Now, after a series of excuses, his spideysense is perhaps tingling.

Who destroys or loses the raw data?

Not careful scientists worthy of credence is the answer.


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