Monday, July 27, 2009


Second Thought of the Day

Like the rest of us, Sarah looks at Barack Obama and sees Neville Chamberlain, wrapped up in Jimmy Carter, and seasoned with a good dose of naivete. This is a dangerous world, and this is no time to be the appeaser-in-chief, or the apologist-in-chief.

Gary at RedState


Well, anyone w/ any sense looks at Sarah Palin and thinks: "She makes Neville Chamberlain appear stout hearted. The true test of courage is not whether you can field dress a moose but whether you have the common decency to fulfill your obligations to the people who elected you and as importantly, to the other citizens of Alaska."

If Sarah Palin's political career is not as dead as Kelsey's nuts, then GOP definitely has reason to fear for its ability to make a comeback soon.

I suspect Sarah Palin will soon become the queen of talk radio, again, rendering her part of the problem as o[posed to the solution.

As for people or organizations who identify themselves as red or blue or right or left, they are fighting a war that exists largely in their own minds, imposing an artificial framework on a reakl conflict.

Some logical fallacies are difficult to find in the wild. Fortunately (?), the tu quoque fallacy is not in any way endangered.
You know who I really hate, the Governors Napolitano and Sebelius for not having the "common decency to filfill [their] obligations to the people who elected [them]" Don't you agree?

There are people who see no difference between the Democrats and Republicans, but I'm not one of them, T. Hard to believe you are, too.

Throwing the 'tu quoque' in, Doug-- have you no shame? At long last, have you no shame, sir?
I know somebody named Welch. Somebody named Welch is a friend of mine. You, sir, are nobody named Welch.
Gee Rog,

Govs Sibellius and Napolitano took cabinet posts a the request of he President. They did not just bail like Gov Palin.

How blind can you be, T? They did not fulfill their obligations to the people who elected them. They did not continue to be the elected governor of New Mexico and Kansas. They quit and took new jobs. Jobs you approve of, but not the governor of a state jobs to which they were elected. The only difference is that you don't like Palin so you call her quitting dishonorable and the others quitting noble. What the new job is does not excuse the quitting what they were elected to do. Or am I blinded by partisanship too?
Tom Ridge, Christie Whitman.
Mike Leavitt, Mike Johanns

If the you are a governor or another elected official and the President, no matter who he is (no shes yet) asks you to serve on his cabinet, that's OK. So I guess you are blinded by partisanship.

But if you just quit for no justifiable reason, then you are a quitter. If sarah Palin cashes in monetarily by quitting, then she will be a venal quitter.

So it's not at all about abandoning the job the governor, et al. was elected to, it's whether you approve of the next job?
If you are elected to a position ad the President of the United States requests your service, it is acceptable to resign to your elected position. There are other reasons to resign your elected position that are acceptable.

I have not heard any acceptable reasons proffered by Sarah Palin.

I think it likely that this move will hammer a stake in the heart of her political career.

Would you vote for her after you bailed on the people of Alaska for the reasoins she stated?

Quod erat demonstrandum regarding the reason for your disapproval.

You hope its the stake throught the figurative heart.

I think it's more like: "If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine."
Mel Martinez
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