Saturday, July 25, 2009


More Democrat Hypocrisy

Here is what near former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin wrote about the horrible problems with the recently passed by the House Cap and Tax, I mean, Trade, Bill. And here is the response to Mrs. Palin from those mental giants, Senators Barbara Boxer (dumb as a box of handleless hammers) and John Kerry (who got worse grades at Yale than George W. Bush and didn't go on to grad school at Harvard, as W did, after he got (thrown) out ? of the Navy Reserve). They accuse Palin of leaving out important facts.

Here's some of what they left out.

Palin asserts that job losses are "certain." Wrong. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and American Clean Energy and Security legislation will create significant employment opportunities across the country in a broad array of sectors linked to the clean energy economy. Studies at the federal level and by states have demonstrated clean energy job creation. A report by the Center for American Progress calculated that $150 billion in clean energy investments would create more than 1.7 million domestic and community-based jobs that can't be shipped overseas.

We know for a fact that the so called stimulus bill has done squat to help the economy and has not produced good long term jobs. Indeed we continue to shed jobs at an alarming rate. Regarding the Cap and Tax Bill, yes, some short term jobs will be created to build the nearly useless wind generators and solar panels the government mandates, but at what cost? A million dollars a job? What about the jobs the nearly useless wind generators and solar panels will cost in the oil and gas industry. The Spanish, who have strained their treasury to get to 18% wind et al. renewable, who actually have a track record to study, say that each very expensive temporary 'green' job displaces 2.2 real jobs already extant, and that's not mentioning the cost to the Spanish economy from higher prices for electricity. The Danes and Germans admit that their backing and building lots of generators of the intermittent power from wind and sun has been a terribly expensive disaster. So it is just fantasy to believe the lefty think tank hypothetical study, which does not even mention the problem of displaced workers, over the real world lessons learned by our European brothers. The Democrats are big into fantasy bills lately. There's more.

Palin seems nostalgic for the campaign rally chant of "drill, baby, drill." But she ignores the fact that the United States has only 3 percent of the world's proven oil reserves, while we are responsible for 25 percent of the world's oil consumption.

What Boxer and Kerry leave out is the huge natural gas reserves we have (and we're finding more every year). We could run a lot of vehicles on natural gas. Nor do they seem aware of the billions of barrels of what we call oil shale (actually kerogen in a sedimentary rock not usually classified as shale) here in Colorado et al. Billions of barrels. More than the proven reserves of regular crude in the whole of the Middle East. Seems quite a big thing to leave out to me. The Israelis have a proprietary method of extraction (probably using a mixture containing bitumen) that does not creat too big an environmental mess. It takes more effort to refine kerogen but that doesn't mean we won't have fuel. As a last resort, we could use the Nazi no longer proprietary method of turning coal into gasoline and diesel. We have more coal than anyone else. Another huge reserve of potential fuel Boxer and Kerry fail utterly to mention. Nor do they mention the huge oil and gas reserves in Alaska and offshore. Indeed, there was more things they left out than they included, as they accuse Palin of leaving things out. There's more.

The carefully crafted clean energy bill that we will present to the Senate, building on the Waxman-Markey legislation passed by the House, will jump-start our economy, protect consumers, stop the ravages of unchecked global climate change and ensure that the United States -- not China or India -- will be the leading economic power in this century.
How will increased cost for the real energy we produce "jump-start" the economy? It will do the opposite. Since current American renewable energy which does not produce CO2 (so that does not include nuclear which "burns" uranium), nor is generated by damming a river, is only .65%, how will not having enough energy make us a leading economic power? Even if we increase the energy preferred by Boxer and Kerry by a factor of 10, can we have a vibrant economy with the magic energy only 6.5% of what we use now? Fantasy. The idea that human generated CO2 has any measurable effect on world mean temperature continues to take hit after hit by peer reviewed papers. Yet the Senators assure us that Cap and Tax will have a serious effect on CO2 levels. That is a plain lie. Neither China nor India are buying into the fantasy that human efforts trump the natural variability of the weather and their citizens' energy use will only rise in the future and that will be substantial, since they have billions of people and we're just over 300 million.

We are already working every day in the Senate to pass legislation that will reduce our dependence on foreign oil, create millions of clean energy jobs and protect our children from pollution.

By not allowing us to develop and use the energy deposits in Alaska and offshore, the Senate is increasing our dependence on foreign oil. By wasting money chasing pixie dust energy, the Senate is increasing our dependence on foreign oil. CO2 is produced with ever breath we take. It is essential to plant growth, which means it is essential to nearly all life on earth, but especially us. It is as far from pollution as oxygen is and only the really stupid people you can get with enough education could consider it pollution.

Just as Americans are increasingly having difficulty swallowing the transparent untruths of our President, we can hope they will not swallow the cherry picked support and general untruths voiced by the likes of Senators Boxer and Kerry.


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