Saturday, July 04, 2009


Inconvenient Truths

I notice that the left is still referring to the triumph of the rule of law recently in Honduras as a coup, which it was not. The right is ever growing in covering it accurately. Since our President is wrong on the subject, the left is pretty much trapped by his and their error and can only serve the truth by refuting (and slightly damaging) him. To paraphrase Bogart in Sahara, Gee, Dat's rough.

We have twice impeached Presidents with no convictions following. But say, for example, the Senate had convicted Andrew Johnson and removed him from office, and Johnson had been so stubborn as to require federal troops to remove him from the White House. Would we have ever thought to have called that a coup? Not on your life; it wouldn't have been the truth to call it a coup.

I am ever a servant of the truth and will stand by what I rationally believe no matter what the consensus is against me. If a billion people believe a wrong thing, it is still a wrong thing. My apologies to Anatole France.

At one time, I despaired when a sufficient number of people on the right began to join the consensus regarding anthropogenic global warming, but I never have really wavered. And I am buoyed lately by the fact that more and more real scientists are refusing to tow the official line and are joining the Denier Alliance. Even more hopeful, for me, is how the Warmie true believers are reacting to the Deniers. They suppress the Denier papers and speeches, they go immediately ad hominem, they say that AGW is settled "peer reviewed" science and is no longer open for discussion; in short, they do everything but refute the Deniers with scientific method like analysis of their opinions. That's not the winning boy's mojo.


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