Saturday, July 18, 2009


Bad News

Our first military action post 1975 and the tragic end of the Vietnam War was the 1983 invasion of the island nation of Granada. It was something akin to the Duchy of Grand Fenwick's invasion of New York, but it was instructive for one thing. Our completely out of practice officers in charge of company and platoon sized forces would stop at the first sign of any resistance and call in artillery and air strikes. That's not how you do it.

I bring it up because rather than close with the Taliban/al Qaeda in Waziristan, the Pakistan armed forces are going to rely on artillery and air strikes. Damn. Another lost opportunity.

Because our naive and now actively stupid-on-this President has backed a lefty would be dictator in Honduras from nearly the beginning of his lawlessness, the United States will not protect Honduras from invasion by forces from Nicaragua and Venezuela trying to reimpose their comrade in ideas on the unwilling people of Honduras. Smart Diplomacy.

The report from unnamed diplomats is that Iran is 6 months from an atomic bomb test. Our President will do nothing to stop it and indeed may actively hinder the Israelis from delaying the Iranian program with air strikes. Thus the second Holocaust inches closer with a nuclear strike on Tel Aviv et al. just months away.

The recession and deficit deepen, our money becomes ever worth less, unemployment rises, local and state governments are now defaulting or will soon default on governmental obligations (or issue IOUs) and our clueless and inept federal government seems intent on doing the exactly wrong things--spending and taxing more. The White House's near Trillion dollar stimulus and the 50 Billion foreclosure relief programs are both dismal failures

Have a good weekend.


And whatever you do, don't go outside because the sky is falling.

Chicken Little
Tell me the good news, little chicken (or so I've heard).
Castro is fading away. Hugo Chavez, through Mugabe like land reforms and the nationalization of the Venezuelan oil industry, has put that country's economy in a death spiral which will lessen his influence in the long term.

Pakistan, as a nation, seems to have awoken to he fact that the Taliban is the paramount threat to the country.

Cracks are appearing in the Iranian theocracy.

I'm with you on Pakistan (tempered) and Iran (tiny cracks) but Castro is still alive and his baby brother is still in charge. As to Venezuela, the suffering of an entire nation a la Zimbabwe is good news? I'd hate to see what you call bad news.
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