Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Thought of the Day

The most hilarious thing about the Democrats’ attempt to engulf the health care industry in the inky blackness of the federal government is their primary selling point: that a government takeover will actually lead to reduced costs. How's that plan working out with Medicare so far? Oh yeah, it's on track to bankrupt the entire country. So let's expand that -- what could go wrong? Well, besides all the features that usually come along with socialized medicine: reduced quality of care, long wait times for operations, and allowing old people to die in order to cut costs. Obamacare would lead to health care with the compassion of the IRS, the competence of FEMA, and the well staffed work force of our border patrol at a much higher cost, but on the upside, you won't live as long, so you'll have less time to complain about it.

John Hawkins


What exactly is "socialized medicine"? Is that where they have parties in the operating rooms, or nurses invite friends to the ER? My child, in common with most in my neighborhood, goes to a school paid for by "the government". Is that socialized schooling? If so, I'm all for it! It seems to work rather well. And how do you reduce the quality of care for those who have no medical insurance and don't qualify for medicaid/-are? Has Mr Hawkins analyzed the healthcare systems in other first world countries and found that they generally allow old people to die? One suspects not. Not much thought in this TFTD!
Yes, free education is both a classically and 'recent definition' liberal idea and enclave. I'm for it too, and most of my property taxes go to it, with my blessing. It is not working well and has been declining since about mid 60s. We're fine for the first 6 grades and then our world scores fall off the table. There is a sort of rationing in Canada and GB with waiting lists for things we here in America can get tomorrow if need be. In your old stomping grounds, even life sustaining things are decided by a 'board' and they definitely let old people die all the time. Not my idea of progress. At least GB allows private medicine for the rich. Canada until recently made private medical care illegal. What a good idea!
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