Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Second Thought of the Day

Look, a rule of thumb here is whenever you find yourself on the side of Hugo Chavez, Daniel Ortega, and the Castro twins, you ought to reexamine your assumptions.

Charles Krauthammer, talking about how President Obama has kept his perfect record of being initially wrong on every foreign policy issue, this one the counter-coup in Honduras.


It is unfortunate to find oneself on the same side as the Grand Jackanapes, the Castro Bros. and Daniel Ortega. On the other hand, it is an impossible PR move to support a military coup d'etat that deposed democratically elected leader, even if that leader was attempting to contravene the country's constitution.
I think that it is a good time to depose a democratically elected leader when he is attempting to contravene the country's constitution, but I defer to the guys who know the limits of Honduran constitutional powers, like the Honduran Supreme Court.
As I understand it, it was the Honduran Supreme Court that issued the order for the Honduran military to remove Zelaya from office.

It's not a "military coup d'etat", Anon. At least not in the traditional sense with a military junta now ruling Honduras. The Honduras constitution's order of succession was followed, and the president of their congress was seated as interim president.
All the less a coup in that the replacement is in the same party as Zelaya and the constitution apparently says the president of the congress is to get the job if el Presidente is removed. We've impeached two presidents but convicted none. I wonder if the process of Johnson or Clinton impeached, convicted and removed would have been described here or elsewhere as a coup? Probably not.
Fidel and Raul Castro aren't twins, they are brothers.

It is when you find yourself against Hugo Chavez, Daniel Ortega, and Castro that you have a serious problem with your worldview.
I really enjoyed your blog. It appears that you are a rational person, capable of informed critical thinking. In the interests of balance, how about a few comments on our invasion of Iraq beginning two simultaneous major military operations lasting more then a decade with no way to pay for them and no interest in asking the American tax payer to pay for them. Now we are considering yet another "preemptive" military operation in Iran which , dispute our political leader's crying about the deficit, we have no way to pay for. To say nothing of the cost in human blood.
you're talking Sedicious Shyte mother F.U.C.K. er
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