Saturday, June 13, 2009


Second Thought of the Day

In the Cairo speech, nearly every historical allusion was nonfactual or inexact: the fraudulent claims that Muslims were responsible for European, Chinese, and Hindu discoveries; the notion that a Christian Córdoba was an example of Islamic tolerance during the Inquisition; the politically correct canard that the Renaissance and Enlightenment were fueled by Arab learning; the idea that abolition and civil rights in the United States were accomplished without violence — as if 600,000 did not die in the Civil War, or entire swaths of Detroit, Gary, Newark, and Los Angeles did not go up in flames in the 1960s.

Victor Davis Hanson


...and yet the speech has been called "nothing less than a masterpiece", a "skillful, strategic overture to the Muslim world" that has "already changed he dynamic", and even praised by conservative David Horowitz.

So I guess Mr Hanson is missing the point (or is just desperately trying to score points!)
I didn't like the speech at all, and I did read David Horowitz's praise of it. Reasonable minds can differ. Hanson is wicked smart, not that needy of "points."
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