Thursday, June 25, 2009


Reality Check for Our President's Aspirations

Over at the intrade predictions market here are some of the best bets being made:

Whether we'll get a disasterous cap and trade energy tax by the end of next year: Closed at 50--Buy 59.9; Sell 45.

Whether we'll get government health care by the end of this year: Closed at 38--Buy 38.5; Sell 35.

The President's approval ratings will be 60 or above by the end of this month: Closed at 35--Buy at 44; Sell at 35.

Unemployment in US will be 10% or above in December, 2009: Closed at 78.8--Buy at 88; Sell at 82.

Democrats hold on to the New Jersey governorship: Closed at 41--Buy at 46; Sell at 40.

Not what the hope and change crowd was hoping (and changing) for.

These may not be take them to the bank predictions like my Oscar picks, but people are spending their own money there in order to make money, they hope, and the predictions are generally very reliable.


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