Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Good Looking Women Soldiers

Speak softly and carry a big gun. Like the Barrett Model 82A1 in .50 BMG. This is a Canadian soldier of which there are less than 25,000 who appears to be happy in her work. I would be too if I got to use the M 82, although it is a bit punishing on the shoulder and the ears.
The drape of her trousers makes it look like she's wearing jodhpurs, which I don't believe she is. Canadian camo is remarkably similar to ours. What are the odds?


Maybe she's wearing cargo pants, eh?

OT - Fraley, I tried to email you and it didn't work out. Have you changed your email address?
Could be something in her thigh pockets, could be, Tone.

Z, I left my address at your site.
That is not a Canadian...
None of the soldiers in that photo are wearing Canadian uniforms.
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