Monday, June 08, 2009


Good Looking Women Soldiers

Here, perhaps, is an inferior way to camoflage a face. I'm led to believe that the areas which get a lot of light, the forehead, nose, cheeks and top of the chin are to get dark colors and the areas which are usually in shadow are to get light colors. Close. Although the face is charming, it's the wrong face .


A bit heavy on the eye shadow, but it does bring out the color of her eyes.

Totally clashes with the helmet cover though. What a faux pas.
Thanks for the snark, Jed. I have an unpublished post to show you for comments. When is the newxt blogger party?
Uh, despite my best efforts to stir something up, I don't see one on the horizon. Of course, nothing stops any of us from picking a day and inviting everyone to some place for a blogger happy hour, or whatever. My excuses are: 1) my apt. is not a good location, 2) I'm totally unfamiliar with any watering holes that'd make good locations, other than the ones we've been too. And I actually would like to see something other than another downtown meetup.
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