Monday, June 01, 2009


Good Looking Women Soldiers

Even though James Cameron missed it by a mile when he called the future soldiers in Aliens, Space Marines (don't get me started), he was a bit more on the mark with the type of woman who would have been attracted to such military service. Recall the body type of Vasquez (Jenette Goldstein) and Dietrich (Cynthia Scott), for example. They were not at all like this soldier.
Man, I really like her camo. Russian?


That is nice woodland-pattern digi-cammy, and soldier isn't bad either.

Crappy salute, though, which makes me immediately think, "Spokesmodel".
I noticed the break at the wrist, et al. from my interminable days drilling in military school.
Actually it's Finnish camoflauge. Girl in the picture is Satu Tuomisto.
She's Miss Finland 2009 and the pic is from FDF-magazines article "Miss Finland in the army for a day" (or something like that...)
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