Monday, June 08, 2009


Friday Movie Review (quite late): Terminator 4

OK the question I had, before I saw Terminator: Salvation a few weeks ago, was whether it was like the clever but underfunded first one, the seriously good second one or the completely sucky third one. Unfortunately it is very like the third.

Both Christian Bale and Moon Bloodgood are as bland as whitebread with mayo. All of Bale's passion was apparently bled away, directed at a poor grip or someone who pissed him off. The only good actor in it was Aussie Sam Worthington, who had a brooding presence that went far beyond the stupid things he had to say. He was clearly the best thing in the movie and that's a blessing as he is the lead in the eagerly anticipated James Cameron serious science fiction work Avatar due mid December. Could be good.

Most of this was filmed in New Mexico (I recognized the bridge over the upper Rio Grande--oh, and they said it was filmed there) which was a little depressing but that's what they wanted. There were totally pointless puffs of fire in the machine's main lair. That, burning the waste gas and pipes are the new Dracula's castle in these things. There was also a one and a half size CGI Governor Schwarzenegger in one of his most iconic of rolls.

I have some questions? Is there anyone out there who thinks we can sneak up on a semi-sentient machine? You don't think they could hear our breathing, heartbeat or footfalls? Why oh why, when the big machine gets hold of Bale, doesn't it pull his head off rather than throw him across the room so he has time to recover? I don't think a semi-sentient machine would release a human it wanted to kill until he or she was killed. This is the worst sort of plot contrivance.

I think I have pinpointed the problem. The director was at one time named Joseph McGinty Nichol but insists now on being called McG. What a wanker. He has a BA in psychology from UC Irvine and triumphed before this with the unwatchable two Charlie's Angels movies and the schmaltzy We Are Marshall. According to IMDB enough people were foolish enough to see this for money that yet another Terminator movie is slated for his future. Happy Happy Joy Joy!

I could say more but none of it is good, so why bother. Very bad movie.


Thanks for saving me 14.50 NZD!
You're welcome. Seriously bad movie.
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