Thursday, June 25, 2009


Facts are Stubborn Things

One of the worst, but most convincing, things in the Warmie propaganda film An Inconvenient Truth was Al Gore's use of the Vostok ice cores. He showed the temperature variations recreated by the ice cores and just below it the CO2 variations AND THEY SEEMED TO LINE UP REMARKABLY WELL Gore's graph looked a lot like the one to the left. Ergo, it was easy to believe that in the past 400,000 years, CO2 variation caused the recorded temperature variation.

What Vice President Gore did not do is put the two graphs together in one graph, as has been done below. Now it is easy to see that Gore had it backward. Over the past 400,000 years, temperature has gone up and down and then CO2 has followed. Thus, to even the merest tyro in climatological studies, it is clear that temperature variation causes CO2 variation and not the reverse.

Here is a Mr. Wizard type science experiment you can perform. Take a can of coke, which contains carbolic acid (CO2 dissolved in water) and freeze it. Open the can and see how much CO2 comes out. Take another can and heat it to 99 degrees C. Open it (carefully) and see how much CO2 comes gushing out. Clearly global temperature effects the equilibrium of CO2 in the air with the CO2 dissolved in the ocean. The warmer it is, the more CO2 in the ocean out-gasses to the atmosphere.
Thus, when temperature rises, because of the sun's variability, more CO2 comes out of the ocean to exist in the air. That's the record we see in the Vostok ice core results. It is absolutely not a support of Warmie theory, indeed it is one of the several refutations of that scam.


Every peak on that graph that I can see shows the CO2 peaking first. Just because the blue is above doesn't mean it is first. Look closely.
Mike, it's first, by an average of 800 years. I'll link to the analysis when I comment on Krugman's latest column.
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