Monday, June 01, 2009


Bloody Kansas

Having flirted with the idea of armed insurrection as a last resort, and been shot down by it, so that I, in turn, as is my wont, rejected it too, I was very chagrined to learn that someone has taken up the idea in more than an academic context and killed an abortionist, in church. So much for the Highlander rule about sacred ground. The suspect in the George Tiller murder is named Scott Roeder, and he has a long history supporting less than polite sloganeering in opposition to abortion. I have been all over the map about abortion. I have lighted at last in the Catholic/true feminist position. The foetus is human life without legal rights and it is wrong to kill him or her, but making abortion illegal will have the unintended consequence of killing more women desperate enough to have illegal abortions; so I would, if I were a governor or something, do everything to make it easier to set up Juno like adoptions and would only outlaw killing the foetus when it is clearly viable outside the womb, except in the exceedingly rare occasions when it is either the baby or the mother (the mother wins) and the baby has to be killed rather than just be born. But enough about me.

Dr. Tiller was infamous for doing the very late term abortions, what are called partial birth abortion, although he escaped prosecution for them. I am more interested in whether the judge in the murder prosecution likely to follow will allow the accused to present the defense of 'defense of others'. And I am reminded of the blood shed by abolitionists in Kansas before the Civil War. Of course the violence there didn't solve the problem, but in retrospect, it seemed to portend the hyper-violence to follow.

It is of course axiomatic that any supporter of a group which calls itself pro-life and supports the non-existent right of the unborn to live should not be killing anyone. The left appears to be beating the right over the head with an un-representative act and the right appears to be condemning the act with some heartfelt fervor.

I wonder if repeated vigilante action against very late term abortionists wouldn't end the process right then and there. I hope we don't learn about what effect that would have, because that would mean more murders. Bad stuff all around.


Murder is wrong! Completely wrong.
Of course, it, torture and rape are about the worst things a human can do to another. The question is whether it was murder (the 'defense of others' seems to be the only possible defense here and it's a longshot) and the answer to that question appears obvious too. Was I not strong enough in my condemnation of the act?

I heard some really awful stuff on NPR this morning from Right to Lifers who were basically supporting Dr. Tiller's murder. I know they are in the minority but this was crazy stuff.

The bell curve of human behavior is larger and wider than the bell curve of acceptable human behavior. For the true believer, Tiller was a monster. Worse than Mengele. I don't condone their venting, but I can understand it. Still, it's tough to claim you support life and then support murder. Leads to moral whiplash, I believe.
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