Saturday, May 02, 2009


Why Won't You Tube Let Me Inbed This Video

Here is two minutes of hate speech from little watched Keith Olbermann and some homosexual columnist proving the stereotype of the bitter, catty, gay Übercritic has a kernel of truth. Imagine if one of the right wing radio hosts criticized a woman's IQ and appearance, like this hatefest did, for having the exact same opinion on a subject as the majority of Americans (and the President). As I have become ever more tolerant of homosexuals, since the mid-70s or so, I have become ever less tolerant of smug assholes like these two.

I tried three times to get this embedded here, but YouTube ignored my efforts. During my repeated tries, the number of views went from 400 some to 4 thousand some, so someone is watching it.

Although gays as a group have the left's Official Victim designation, many of them seem quite willing to dish out gratuitous insults in faux outrage for disagreeing with them. The lefty pseudovictim victimizing others seems to have been the central theme of Ann Coulter's latest book, Guilty. So perceptive.


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