Saturday, May 09, 2009


Where Has the Globally Warmed Ocean Heat Gone?

As late as 2005, Warmie alarmists James Hansen, Josh Willis and Gavin Schmidt, all of NASA, said that the excess heat from the increased CO2 concentration in the atmosphere was being stored in the oceans. See Science, 3 June 2005, p. 1431. Their paper affirmed the critical role of ocean heat as a robust metric for the theory of anthropogenic global warming. “Confirmation of the planetary energy imbalance,” they maintained, “can be obtained by measuring the heat content of the ocean, which must be the principal reservoir for excess energy” (Id. at p. 1432).

But about that time the ARGO buoy system was completed and we began to get numbers on the ocean heat from the 3000 buoys spread about the oceans. Josh Willis gave an interview on NPR and showed his inability to get out of the Warmie frame of mind by calling ocean cooling, which he was measuring with the ARGO buoys, a "period of less rapid warming." A lot of us made fun of him for that phrase.

But here is the latest. Willis might have been unconsciously fudging the numbers to reduce the rate and extent of the ocean cooling. It may be cooling quite a bit.

But the main thing to take away is that all the computer models and all the Warmie alarmists and the IPCC said that the ocean would warm up. All of them. It's not warming, it's cooling; and the actual rate of cooling is not really important given the Warmie consensus of ocean warming.

Here is a graph showing the predictions versus the measurements and here is the article from the maker of the graph. Well worth reading. He frames the essential nexus. To miss the mark by so much means either that the anthropogenic global warming theory is invalid or that it is seriously flawed. Either way there is no reason to risk harming our fragile economies with ill conceived taxing policies designed to ameliorate a problem that does not exist.

How many more times must the Deniers show that the Warmie computer models are crap before we, as a population, reject their theory and stop listening to their idiot spokespeople.


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