Sunday, May 17, 2009


Thought of the Day

For 24 months Obama ignited the left to slur the Bush protocols as krypto-fascism, then found (1) they worked, (2) they were not fascist at all, (3) and now he cannot muzzle the left wing multi-headed Cerberus he unleashed.

Victor Davis Hanson


DAD!!!! I need your help on this blog thing. 1. how do you add that thing that tells you who and where your blog is being read and 2. do you know how to add a map with little markers that tell where you are and when? You can see that I am utterly hopeless as I am asking you for computer related advice
It's called site meter. Just google that. There is a free service (limited) and a $6 per month service. I pay that and can see where in the world I'm being read. You are indeed in trouble if you're coming to me for computer advice. I've liked your blog lately. I see a Lucy and the candy conveyer belt in my mind when I think of what you and Katie are doing.
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