Friday, May 15, 2009


Tales of the Totally Banal

I own a SIG P232 in .380. Kind of a girl's gun but fun to shoot, especially anti-armor drills, at which I am improving. The last time I shot, I cleaned the gun that evening and a spring from the gun went spronging off into the room. I looked for it. I searched on my hands and knees. I swept the room and examined the pile of debris with a magnifying glass. No spring. It was gone.

Then I went to the SIGarms site on the internet to order a replacement. That site has all the springs you could lose from each gun it made for just over $25, but every time, for the next several months, I clicked on the spring kit to add to my virtual shopping cart, it said, temporarily out of stock. That, apparently, was a lie.

A few weeks ago, I e-mailed the contact person at SIGarms and told her my tale of woe and she responded that I needed to talk to Customer Service. I did and the guy there said they were getting out of the parts business but I could probably get it at Top Gun supply.

Indeed I could--for just under $4, they would mail me just the spring I needed (but I had to pay $10 for shipping and handling). Still, I was excited when I got the spring, retrieved the gun case from the safe and opened it to reveal the gun in pieces waiting for the missing spring. With just a slight mishap (the spring did not disappear this time) I got it in, replaced the part of the slide it retained and reassembled the gun. Ah, success. Then I looked down into the hard foam inside the gun case--and there was the original spring.

D'oh. I hadn't looked there.

Alanis Morissette might consider that ironic, but we English majors know better.


just bought a sprongfield .40 XD....neat pistol.

Cheers Rog !!!

Mark Dunn
"...but fun to shoot, especially anti-armor drills, at which I am improving."


Please explain this for the uninitiated, such as myself. Currently, the picture in my mind is R. Fraley preparing for the domestic insurrection or the invasion of the heartland by cigar smoking Cubans (a la Fidel as opposed to Mark who has been relegated back to his foreign domicile, to wit, Tejas)after which you will take to the mountains w/ Patrick Swayze.

Nice, Mark. It's like an American SIG but not as pricy. I've heard good things about them. I always choose .40 S&W over 9mm. Well done. T, police anti-armor drills involve two very rapid shots to the chest followed by one to the head as quick as possible. It should sound like the clapping on Queen's We will rock you song, but much faster. Cuban's back in Texas, indeed. I had almost forgotten how much fun it is to have a successful home team. They're remaking Red Dawn. That is a completely unnecessary act in my book. Wolverines!
"Dancin' at Jazz Age Long Island house parties;
Waiter bring us more Bacardis,
We'll order now what they orderthen,
'Cause evrything old is new again."

Don't throw the past away,
You might need it some rainy day,
Dreams can come true again,
Whewn everyhing old is new again."

I never connected armor w/ body armor. As for "Red Dawn" some experiences should remain singular.

Well, if by "girl's gun" you mean "easily concealed", I'm OK with that.
Well that's partially what I meant. I also own a Walther PPK in .380. In Casino Royale, the book, the armorer makes James Bond give up is Beretta .25 (which he calls a woman's gun) for the PPK. I feel even the PPK is a little underpowered now so my name calling followed. No offense meant.
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