Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Here Comes the Sun(spot), and I Say

Except for some thermal vents from closer to the molten hot core of the planet, all of our warming is direct from the Sun, which we consider a constant. It is not; there are, for example: 1) An, usually, 11 year cycle of sunspots; 2) Other longer cycles of sunspots; and, 3) Unanticipated rises and falls in varying portions of the light spectrum from the Sun. Let's just focus on the first, however. There appears to be a better consonance of median Earth temperature with the intensity of sun activity shown by sunspots than with CO2 concentration. Therefore, for many, the low recent rate of sunspots (lowest since 1913) indicates a coming cooling (which we are already seeing for the past few years, much too short a period to constitute a real trend). But all of that can end in a day if the Sun finally starts to exhibit the new cycle sunspots (Cycle 24 ones which will be at mid latitude on the Sun and have a certain magnetic polarity). Well, don't look now but...


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