Sunday, May 03, 2009


Gunn Clan

I went to church today, not to mass, but the 'Tartan' blessing thing at the big Episcopal cathedral, St. John in the Wilderness, I think. It's about 4 blocks from my office but I haven't been there since a memorial service for a poor young man hit by lightening in a snowstorm. That was a downer. This service, although long, was great. Two different drum and pipes corps came in and sounded great. The Amazing Grace they did in the middle of the service choked me up and nearly brought a tear to my eye. Then they marched out piping and clattering. I love martial music in a big church. I've had enough of this love your neighbor stuff, let's get back to Onward Christian Soldiers and the Destruction of Sennacherib.

About a quarter of the guys there were in kilts. I don't own one. In fact, being of German extraction circa 1750, I didn't know until fairly recently that I have a tartan pattern in my family tree. Indeed, although the guys were German-Americans, most of their wives were Scots Irish. It appears to be cooler to emphasize the Scot part lately. So I looked up my pattern and it's pretty cool. In all but one of its forms, I'd be proud to wear it, at least as a tie. Maybe a kilt. Who knows



The pattern looks nice but can you get a larger photo? Unlike the one of Lindsay Lohan, I could not get this one to enlarge.

Meanwhile, while I am well familiar w/ Byron's poem, I have never heard it set to music, which I think unusual given the amount of time I spent boyth at the Old Brick Chyurch and at vespers.

So far as Ms. Lohan's lungs are concerned, one female comm,enter advised that the position of her left arm and elbow are responsible for the perspective.

OK, you've convinced me. More Lindsay on the way. No hymn with Byron's words, but it was all I could think of without alluding to the Crusades which is unPC just now.
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