Friday, May 01, 2009


ABC is Dead to Me

Except for the fact that I already wasn't watching anything on the ABC network, I am declaring them, like Fredo to Michael, dead to me. Why, you ask? For this. The network published the names and photographs of people who worked with the CIA regarding the virtual torture of waterboarding.

Hey, DICKHEADS! Remember the stink you all raised for months and months about the revelation by Richard Armitage of Valerie Plame's day job as an analyst? I do. You have placed targets on the backs of these two guys and their families and for what? Another two hundred over 65 viewers? Plame was so much not in danger she continued to drive to work in Langley for months after Novak's column and the CIA never guarded her for even a second.

I pray that nothing bad happens to these two or any of their loved ones, but if an easily foreseeable terrorist payback happens, I pray that I can get on the jury of the civil wrongful death case. We will award billions in punitive damages.

UPDATE: Many on the left look at human weakness on the right as hypocrisy. This is hypocrisy--doing what you claimed was a high crime, an impeachable offense, 10 months ago. Learn the difference, lefties.


I am pretty sure that you once said that repeated waterboarding could constitute torture if it was repeated enough. So, is 183 times still "virtual torture" in your book?
183 pours. Six waterboard sessions of 40 seconds. Not torture. 183 sessions in a row--Torture.
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