Tuesday, May 12, 2009


100 Days of Obama Talk

Went with step son Charlie on Monday night to see old friend Hugh Hewitt, with Bill Bennett and brilliant Dennis Prager, talking about a lot of things with MC former senator Bill Armstrong. I sat next to former Congressman from the 7th and governor's race loser, Bob Beauprez, but he didn't remember me from the last time we met. CU Regent Tom Lucero was a few seats down, but we only had time to shake hands not talk. Prager proved the most fun and the most insightful. I've heard the basketball story before but it was still very funny. Bennett was a little sloppy in his thinking and only reliable when he was into well ploughed ground. Hugh was Hugh, on point and upbeat, and he got the near quote of the night.

The tea parties are a symptom of the anxiety of Patriots who feel that our current leadership is inadequate for the crises ahead.
The venue was the exhibition hall at the Douglas County Fairgrounds south of Castle Rock. There were about 3,000 people there and had they rented a bigger hall, they could have hade many more. I feel that there is the making of a recovery for the Conservatives out there, but we'll need leadership too. I fear that recovery will take major pain and suffering to the nation at large brought about by Democrats being Democrats. I fear it will take major damage to our nation from wrong headed policies. And as to our leadership--nothing visible on the horizon.

That ain't so good.

I'll update this with photographs as soon as the blogger site lets me.

UPDATE: Photos added.


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