Thursday, April 02, 2009


The Verdict on Ward Churchill

They jury said he was wrongfully terminated (BOOHISS) but they put his damages at one buck. The nature of the case is that his costs and attorney fees will almost certainly have to be awarded. That could be several hundred thousand. Rough for CU, which is a second rate university in my book, but it'll live with this.

But the jury must have thought he was worthless as a "scholar." No, sorry, worth a buck.

Rough with the smooth.


Very disappointing! Surely the jury was presented with evidence of the academic fraud he perpetrated. What didn't they get?!

Perhaps I am simply to optimistic about the intelligence of the general population. Well, not anymore. First the election, now this. We're doomed.
Most juries are good and do good work but you can fool some of the people all of the time. The honorable Larry Naves will use equitable consideration to decide if Churchill gets his job back (very unlikely) or just some money. I think that about a million in costs, economic damages and attorney fees is about right for punishment of CU for hiring this fraud in the first place. Not doomed, but perhaps we should try to improve our public schools, as the decision and the inarticulateness of one of the jurors on Craig Silverman's show was truly embarassing.
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