Sunday, April 12, 2009


Supporting Tom Lucero for the Fourth

I met CU Regent Tom Lucero for the first time at the Arapahoe Republican Mens' Club breakfast two weeks ago, I saw him on the street in front of my office last week ( he was coming from afternoon Mass at the nearby Cathedral) and I saw him last when I attended an early fundraiser for him where he was quite personable. I hope he wins and takes back the Fourth Congressional District from the Democratic usurper Betsey Markey. He might. My lovely bride gave Lucero her card in case he wanted to meet and talk to a large energy corporation preparing to leave the state (with all the rest of the drillers) because of the changes in drilling rules Governor Ritter has wrought.

I was really there to see my old friend Hugh Hewitt, who continues to be kind and mention me and this little blog in his speeches. Man, it looks like I'm going bald, which I guess, at 55, I actually am. Oh well. You have to take the rough with the smooth.

I received 'orders' through the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy to cover local politics more, so I will, starting with a meeting, if I can get it, with the Governor. He appears to be a Warmie; I would love to plumb the depths of his knowledge to support such a belief, of course, in a way respecting his high office and the fact that he is a really good guy. Stay tuned.


Local politics? Don't do it Roger. The VRWC wants to kill your blog. Just remember:

Rock 'n Roll.

I hope can do both, T. Good talking to you last week. I have the TM/BR tickets.
Thanks, there are a lot of people running for the 4th and I'm open to putting the best one against Markey. I'll look at everyone.
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