Monday, April 13, 2009


Setting the Over Under

It turns out that the Caitlin show boaters cannot just stay on the ice until they reach the Pole. They never intended to walk back to land (as the old timers used to do) but planned, as leader Pen Hadow did in 2003, to be rescued from certain death on the ice by a plane.

It is clear that the party has made mistake after mistake and the continued cold temperatures and the struggle merely not to die has created a long term hypothermia reaction which makes things worse.

The risk to the plane and pilot of a rescue increases to unacceptable levels as Summer approaches. The pick up date was supposedly always May 25. However, there are guys who say May is too late for an air rescue. That's about a month too soon, but almost all of the high tech stuff has failed and even the latest in clothing is not keeping them as warm as traditional furs the Inuit wear. They've made their point and prolonging the suffering is pointless. So I'm setting Earth Day, April 22, as the day they get rescued for some, any, concocted reason (probably for facing a long ice crack, called an open lead, which runs athwart their path to the Pole and is many miles in length). They'll then claim some sort of hero status among the Warmies.

All this assumes that the Polar Bears don't do to them what this one in the picture is doing to the idiot German girl who jumped into their pen at the Berlin Zoo. The Caitlin useless idiots are unarmed as well.

I, for one, was never impressed with the so called heroism of the self absorbed who purposefully put themselves in danger and then manage not to die. Same thing here.


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