Sunday, April 05, 2009


Rules For the Radical Right

In an earlier posting, where I was discussing, in a purely academic way, the pros and cons of armed insurrection by conservatives, I pointed out that one of the cons was that the first line of defense for the local and then the state and federal governments was the police and then the National Guard and the Armed Forces, all of whom were more than likely to be our political brothers. It's worse than I thought. If someone actually snaps and decides to off the pigs, as the hippies used to say, the less than intellectually rigorous left will suddenly accuse the right of "liking" to kill cops.

And it will be darned difficult to argue in the particular cases, where swallowers of the nativist and paranoid delusion/Kool Aid, of the black helicopter, new world order, worrier type, did the killing, that it's actually the left who advocated cop killing and celebrates infamous and undoubtedly guilty cop killers.


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