Friday, April 10, 2009


Report on Arctic Ice

Over at the NSIDC, the Warmie mentality is showing itself not in the normal near exultation about the below 'normal' area of Arctic sea ice, but in harping on the supposed thinness and relative youth of the ice, as if to say, yeah it looks OK now, but wait 'til September, you evil deniers, when it will all be open water, BWAHAHAHAHA.
OK, I added the mad scientist laugh, but they now use plan B when the ice extent is above 'normal' for the World, that is, they attack the thickness. Thickness is difficult to measure compared to extent and area--very difficult, as the Caitlin show boaters are finding out. Thereby, empirical refutation of the Warmie claims is submerged under disputed metrics.

And the sea ice extent in the world, and the ice area around both poles is above the 1979 to 2001 'normal' by nearly 600,000 square km. Over at the Cryosphere Today, the Arctic sea ice anomaly is listed as about -400,000 square km, but if you add up each of 14 distinct areas with Arctic sea ice, you only get -230,000 square km, almost all of it far from the Northern Ocean in the Sea of Okhotsk, between Kamchatka and the rest of Siberia just north of Japan. (Risk players know where it is). But things often do not add up at the Cryosphere Today and their flak-catcher never answers my questions to him. I'm not a scientist, so I can be ignored with impunity, I guess.

It is impossible for me to believe that the sea ice around Antarctica is a million square km above 'average' (and was at record high levels through much of 2007) and has been steadily growing over the past 30 years, yet the land and sea around that continent has been warming during the same period. It don't add up.
But the main news is the GISS NASA report that at least half of the Arctic warming lately is blamed not on greenhouse gasses but on soot and aerosol contamination/pollution. Now they tell us. It appears the Warmie hysteria is suffering the death by a thousand cuts. I like it.


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