Thursday, April 02, 2009


The Problem with Fairy Dust Energy

The only serious "green" energy-from-the-sun producer, which creates real electricity you can use at home, comes from solar panels, which are very expensive. There are three major problems with their use.

1. Unless you back up the solar panels with natural gas power plants, so that you have not-from-the-sun power for your home at night, in the twilight, and during very cloudy days, your panels are just trinkets, as the coal powered plant, or other source, which powers your non solar panel owning neighbors, is producing the same power as if you and your panels didn't exist. Such is the nature of base power configurations.

2. The solar panels contain some very noxious ingredients which will eventually leach into the ground water and help poison the planet.

3. The panels are so expensive, that it would take at least 100 years of use, and the little bit of power they provide to the benefit of your electricity meter, for you to recover the original outlay of money for the panels. There's just one thing wrong with that lengthy payback period-- most panels only last 20 to 25 years and no commercial panel has lasted more than 35 years.

So until we reduce the cost of the panels by 75% and back up each solar panel with a dedicated natural gas plant, it is self delusion and fraud which cause some fools to believe that solar panel use is helpful to the carbon footprint, and pocketbook, of the user.

Put that in your green energy job calculations, Governor Ritter.


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