Thursday, April 02, 2009


Mandatory Eye Candy

Television actress Christina Hendricks, now appearing in the unwatched by me but apparently good Mad Men. She was on two of the better Fireflys, which was the first time I saw her.
On top of her looks and figure, Hendricks also has that je ne sais qua of raw sexuality which makes some women hard to look away from. I guess I'll start watching Mad Men.
I also have to say a word about her skin. If she is indeed a real red head, which I do not doubt at this time, she is prone to freckles with sun exposure. I do not see any. That's good. Not only has she escaped the Lindsay Lohan curse, but she will look good for years to come, the exact opposite of the bleach blonde iguanas Richard Belzer railed against. She is in her middle 30s soon to be approaching 40. Wow.
UPDATE: IMDB says she is a natural blonde who has dyed her hair red since age 10. OK with me. Here's a link to the curse of Lohan


Wow...nice, er, dress.

The progeny gave me the series "Firefly" the Christmas b/f last. It is time to revisit those episodes w/ Christina Henricks.


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