Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Don't Panic - Flaws In Catastrophic Global Warming Forecasts

A video well worth your time, less than 10 minutes, which focuses on the crux of the problem with the Warmie hypothesis, namely, whether there will be any positive feedback from the slight warming doubling the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere this Century will cause? The answer still appears to be an emphatic no.

This just in. Sarah Palin acknowledged Tuesday night that global warming was harming her state but that stepped up natural gas drilling could mitigate its effects.

Roger, it is getting warmer. Spring is arriving sooner each year. Species that never seen in certain areas are being observed. Species that live at certain altitudes on mountains are moving uphill. Extinction is a real possibility when when such species run out of mountain.

I fell like Michael Corleone talking to Carlo after evryone has been shot in "The Godfather"...."So Roger ,just don't tell me that global warming isn't happening. It insults my intelligence..."

I'm not telling you warming doesn't exist. On the contrary, I am quite certain that the earth has warmed in three spurts, each followed by slight cooling, since 1880. We're now in a regular cooling period which I believe will be made even cooler by a very quiet sun, as well as by other normal cycles. I believe however, it will be slightly warmer, perhaps a degree C, by 2001. I'll never know for sure, and our children won't know either. What I'm railing about is the idea that human activity is having any serious effect. I don't believe we are, nor do I believe that we can do much of anything about it and any effort to inhibit power generation by taxes or otherwise is wasted effort. It's not so much a political belief as a desire to serve the truth. I don't think you want to serve anything else.
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