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Blaming the Blameless

I wrote a much longer piece today on Armed Insurrection, but after consultation with Diomedes, I've put that on the shelf for perhaps forever. Self censorship is often a sign of wisdom. Or cowardice. Tough to tell. So here is a small part of it, expanded.

The left is busy lately putting blame on conservative spokesmen for the criminal acts of single persons here or there, some of whom seem utterly delusional, the criminals, I mean, not the lefty blamers. That has me thinking more on the subject of armed insurrection, in a purely academic sort of way, of course. I do not advocate it. The guys blaming right wing thought for individual criminal acts are people who see the speck in our eye but ignore the beam in their own. They always mention poor, dumb Tim McVeigh and the abortion clinic bomber and murders of abortion performing doctors (all 4 of them). They always mention them because that's about all the right wing bomber/murderers there are. For the single bomb McVeigh set off, there were hundreds of bombs set off by lefty loons in the 70s and into the 80s and beyond, like those set off by Bill Ayres and Bernadette Dorn, who formally declared war on the United States, as well as by others of their ilk. The Unabomber killed as many as the abortion clinic bomber, and in the Unabomber's 10 x 10 cabin/cell there was a copy of Al Gore's book Earth in the Balance, heavily annotated. Did anyone in the media blame Al Gore for causing the lefty looney Unabomber to go out and wage a murderous multi-year campaign against capitalists? Not a peep. The ELF, et al. actions are similarly left wing fringe stuff which have also caused about as many deaths as the abortion clinic bombers. The lefty fringe which kills cops and civilians is ahead of the abortion doctor assassins in number of deaths caused by a ratio of about 40 to 1. And that's not to mention the 100 million political murders (at least) committed during the 20th Century by the left as opposed to the 100,000 or so caused by the right. All of the violence against our dark skinned fellow citizens following the end of the Civil War was perpetrated by Democrats. The number of Republicans in the KKK is inconsequential at best. Most violent criminals in America who vote at all vote for Democrats.

We're not just talking obscure bloggers on the Daily Kos and the Daily Beast, but guys on the TV, albeit at the ever less watched CNN, where Rick Sanchez said this libel:

That weekend tragedy involves a man who allegedly shot and killed three police officers in cold blood. Why? Because he was convinced, after no doubt watching Fox News and listening to right-wing radio, that quote, ‘Our rights were being infringed upon.'

No doubt?

This is a conscious effort on the left to demonize reasoned opposition to the Obama Administration. Shame on them. The only guy responsible for shooting the cops is the shooter, the rest is calumny. There are eighty million Americans who listen to talk radio and watch Fox News and don't go shoot any one. 80 million to one is a powerful argument against the unfair charges.

This is really tame compared to what I wrote before, but it's better just to publish this.


Sanchez is probably about as disingenuous as blaming Socialism for what Hitler did.

Oh, and not that I'm counting, but I'm pretty sure that McVeigh killed more people than all the lefty bombers combined (a lot more).
Yes, I wasn't going to harp on it, but right wingers are way better at explosives than the lefty diletantes. Still the lefty attempts to kill people well outnumber his one successful effort. I don't include the NSDAP murders in the total--it's all Commie murders. I also don't blame socialism for what Hitler did. Hitler is responsible and then the Germans who embraced and followed him. I'm just pointing out, again and again because it's necessary to, that he was a socialist and an evil man as well. Thanks for the comment, how'd Obama do in Prague?
My understanding of the lefty bombers from the 60s is that they tried NOT to kill people, but eventually by accident did. I don't think it was a question of technical prowess.

Obama was great in Prague. Very well received, and the speech was really good. He showed knowledge of the local history and Prague's significance. Those things go a long way here in Europe. Other recent presidents have not been so good at pushing the correct buttons. It was great to see Czech waving American flags: its been a while.
The man is an excellent politician and good to hear that his visit helps with support of America in Europe, but I think most in Eastern Europe regard us well based on the end of the USSR in '89. Am I wrong to think that?
Indeed they do (did). But you can not overestimate the damage that was done over the last 8 years, especially amongst the youth that didn't suffer as much under communism.
As the Ghostbusters said, "I'm willing to believe you." Ah, callow youth.
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