Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Best Criticism of the 100 Days

The most important criticism of President Obama's 'achievements' of his first three months or so is here. Money quotes:

India and Russia
– A done deal…the Indian purchase of combat aircraft from Russia for the next 15 years. Russia’s fifth-generation fighter, and the MiG-35, will be produced in India. India, in return, will assist Russia in Russia’s development of a microelectronics industry, and also assist Russia in advanced computer research.


Russia and Venezuela
-- ...Chavez has purchased more than $4 billion in arms and military equipment from Russia alone, and has offered them basing rights for their Navy and Air Force. Chavez has also strengthened his ties with Cuba, and has begun arms purchases from China. One has to ask why Venezuela needs a new huge arsenal…to protect itself from an imagined American invasion, or perhaps to engage in old-fashioned power-projection?


-- ...The previous Administration held Iran as one of the Axis of Evil nations…and despite Obama’s hope for a new beginning with Iran, seems Iran is pretty much set to keep it real…they are evil, they know it…so what? Iran’s support for Gaza and Hamas is strong and growing. Likewise Iran’s support for Hezbollah in Lebanon. Iran has also recently condemned what it has called US supported attacks on Shia’s in Iraq. John Kerry claims that “bullying” Iran will not work, so let’s sit down and talk, instead. About what, exactly? Has Iran given up its announced desire to vaporize Israel?


– As the Obama Administration tries to “win” cooperation from Moscow on major policy goals, i.e., reigning in Iran’s nuclear program, of which Russia is the largest beneficiary, Russia continues to be very irked about both Ukraine and Georgia being considered for NATO full membership, and about continued US military support for Georgia. Any projections as to whom will be thrown under the bus on this issue? South Ossettia, sovereign Georgian territory, as much a part of Georgia as Ohio is to the United States, continues to see an influx of “Russians” and no sign at all of the Russian military leaving soon.


North Korea
-- ...The North Korean export of long-range missiles continues, one of their leading exports, and North Korea is now pursuing with a vengeance their nuclear program. While the Obama Administration is focused on Yongbyon…there are other facilities in North Korea that have never been visited by the IAEA or any other monitors. Perhaps this Administration should insist on it, demanding access to all North Korean nuclear related faciltiies, in the Kangye Corridor and farther north toward China. I doubt we will see this sort of demand from Obama. Nor Hillary. The largest two foreign embassies in P’yongyang are those of China and Iran. Iran’s embassy in Kim’s Kingdom is massive. Has been for some time. Iranians are seen on the streets of P’yongyang routinely. Must all be students studying ancient Korean civilizations and the art of the Silla Dynasty.

Never underestimate the power of North Korea. They don’t care. They’ve nothing to lose. A potentially extremely dangerous combination.

Sobering recount of mis-step after mis-step in a lot more places than those sampled above.


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